• Barton Benefice

Veteran Volunteers

Steeple Barton is very blessed with a plethora of talent in its volunteers, and on Sunday 12th June we held a special celebration service to honour them as several of them stepped back from their roles.

Happily new volunteers have stepped forward (or maybe been "encouraged forward"!) to fill their shoes, but we wanted to say a particular thank you to 5 people who, between them, have something over 100 years' experience in the service of this parish:

David Weighell - churchwarden

Ann Weighell - treasurer

Barbara Imbert - PCC

Claire Knight - PCC

Robert Knight - sidesman

They were each given a special rose bush as a small "thank you" from the parish. The ladies were presented with ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – Rose of the Year 2022 – and the gentlemen with 'Champagne Moment', the 2006 winner.

At the special request of David Weighell, the celebration was led by Gospel Bell, "an ensemble of musicians and singers based in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, UK. We play traditional Gospel songs with an uplifting spiritual edge, blended with musical influences from folk, blues and country. ...All are welcome to join us. To reflect this, we describe the coming together of instruments and voices as the Gospel Bell collective."