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Pet Service 2021

Steeple Barton held its customary pet service on 15th August 2021.

We were delighted to be joined by Donald, Richard and Toni, three members of Gospel Bell, who played gospel music for us, and accompanied one of our hymns.

Donald also fulfilled the slot of story teller (in lieu of a sermon!), and told us the wonderful story of St Francis of Assisi, keeping both adults and children riveted.

The animals may not have been quite as attentive to the story, but they were all remarkably well behaved, considering we welcomed one pony and no less than SIXTEEN dogs (in addition to 8 children and 40 adults).

A collection was taken in aid of Redwings Oxhill Horse Sanctuary, and a donation of £125 will be made to them as a result.

All the animals were blessed at the end of the service, but those who wished could take their pets up for a personal blessing afterward.

The photos show Donald telling us about St Francis, some of the congregation meeting each other, and a personal blessing for one of the dogs.


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