• Clare Burgess

30 miles and 16 churches!

Sarah Taylor and Clare Burgess, plus Jos Joslin, Ali McKay and Pat Postill, had a great day out on the Historic Churches Trust Ride or Stride sponsored bike ride on Saturday 12th September in warm sunshine.

Jos was our route planner and we decided to 'stay local' this year, so we set off from Duns Tew and headed to Over Worton and Nether Worton with its refurbished tower and beautiful new noticeboard inside the entrance. There we met Chris Drake and Robert Knight on their circuit.

After visiting the other churches in our Benefice, we called in at Kiddington and Glympton. We had to brave the CCTV cameras through the Park and some of us decided to celebrate by cycling in a figure of eight round two trees near the church. Then onto Wootton and Tackley, where we ate our lunch in the sun in the churchyard.

Our next stop was Rousham but were told we could not go to the church because they were filming (but we decided to add it to our total anyway, on principle). We were told filming was for a “period drama” and spotted a huddle of cameras round a horse and rider, but were not close enough to identify anyone famous!

Next was Lower Heyford which was open and has a loo (very important!); sadly Upper Heyford was not open. Somerton church was open, so we spent a while admiring the stone reredos of the Last Supper (well worth a visit).

Then we had to face the long, steep hill up into North Aston - Sarah encouraged us all with the promise of freshly made bara brith in her garden, back in Duns Tew. Once in North Aston, we couldn’t help wondering why on earth they built The Hall so close to the church?

The cake was delicious - a fitting celebration of our achievement. Thank you, Sarah!

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