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  • Annabel McKeown

Inaugural Family Service!

Updated: Apr 7

What a wonderful inaugural family service at Westcote Barton church! We were greeted by the smell of eggs and bacon cooking by the font (who'd have thought you could cook breakfast in a church with no kitchen!) - many thanks to Kate and Carol - and a table laden with delicious breakfast goodies.

One of the highlights of the service was in fact outside in a wire crate - a three-week-old lamb, borrowed from a local farmer.

There were quite a few other lambs in the service too – little clay ones made by the children, and some toy lambs, that were ‘lost’ in the church yard and found by a couple of good shepherds.

Steph shared with us some teaching on the Good Shepherd, and the children assisted with readings and prayers as well as the beautiful clay-sheep artwork.

A vibrant band complete with guitars, bass guitar and percussion added to this most joyous occasion, thanks to Fran, John, Richard and Lainey.

It was fantastic to have the church packed with 15 children and their families, including some new members of our parish - Mary and Juliet - with their parents Cherine and Mark.

Please do join us for future gatherings, which will be every 1st Sunday (Westcote Barton) and 3rd Sunday (Duns Tew), with breakfast from 9am, and the service from 9.30. Families are welcome to leave at 10 to go on to other commitments, or to stay for the Eucharist.

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