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John Maksinski BMusEd   ~  violist, teacher, concert host... and all round good egg!

John is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Michigan before moving to the UK in 2001.  He plays most things with strings, although his main instruments are violin and viola. 


He teaches a variety of age groups and genres, but particularly enjoys introducing beginner adults to the enjoyment of making music.


He has a bachelor's degree in music education from Michigan, and is a member of the Musicians' Union.  His musical interests cover a wide range - from singing church music, playing chamber music, folk music or rock'n'roll, through to "songs from the shows".


Currently he has students learning the violin, viola, cello, guitar and ukulele - and he runs a small "recorders for beginners" group, so it's not all strings!


His wife Frances plays the piano, organ, and flute, and is more than happy to accompany John's pupils when they want to make music with others.


John and Frances run Parlour Concerts in their music room, and occasional workshops and Come & Sing sessions.


Their joint aim is simply to encourage people to ENJOY MUSIC - whether it be through listening or participation (at any level).

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