• Frances Maksinski

Palm Sunday procession 2019

​​Our usual asinine star, George the donkey, made his most recent appearance at our Palm Sunday service in Over Worton today.

Well behaved as always, George was greeted with some rather British and restrained shouts of "Hosanna" at the church door. He led the procession indoors for the blessing of the palms, and was then played out to a short fanfare.

The service was very well attended, and followed by excellent refreshments - although the church's electrics were a bit overwhelmed by having to support the urn as well as heaters and the organ! At one point the trip-switch gave up the ghost and various items had to be unplugged.

Power was restored in time for the organist to play the next hymn, but the Sanctus had to be sung unaccompanied. Unfortunately the choir was ducking people leaping over the pews to sort out the power problems, so they weren't quite in full voice!

Jane the Rector's red chasuble was greatly admired, and her husband freely admitted to having stitched all the embroidery himself (really Alan??)!

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