Our new Rector!

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that a new rector has been appointed to the benefice. Revd Jane Wright will be moving into the Westcote Barton rectory sometime in the autumn. Jane is currently working in a rural benefice in Suffolk, so is used to country life. She and her husband Alan, a retired Methodist minister, are very much looking forward to meeting everyone and working with us. The PCC would like to thank you all very much for your patience, prayers and support during the vacancy. Do remember that even now services and activities are carrying on as normal. And although people come and go, and we go through good times and bad: God remains the same. He is always with us,

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Write to us:    The Reverend Jane Wright, The Rectory, 29 Enstone Rd, Westcote Barton, Chipping Norton OX7 7AA

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