Moonrakers are back!

Moonrakers is an Oxford-based group of four musicians, some from the classical and some from the folk tradition. Instrumentally, the group is sufficiently diverse to create different sound textures for each piece. The fact that the band "just OOZES quality" (Living Tradition) is down to the careful arrangements and selection of tunes and songs, presenting “exquisite music” (BBC). The choice of material is largely from the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English traditions, reflecting a love of traditional tunes and contemporary songs 'in the idiom'. Jon Bennett composes several of the tunes and songs, but the arrangements are down to the special skills of the band members. He explains: "We have o

Baroque & the Bard - fundraising for Polly

Duns Tew church often raises funds to assist Polly in her work of feeding and befriending the homeless in Banbury. Our benefice organist Frances and her husband John also try to raise money for Polly, and many of you kindly supported Frances's sponsored hymn playing marathon last year. This year's fund raiser is a concert to be held at their house in Ardley (the home of Manor Farm Music Frivolities and Ardley Parlour Concerts), entitled "Baroque and the Bard". A concert of Shakespearian songs and chamber music of the Baroque period will by presented by musicians from Middle Barton, North Aston and other local areas, as well as John and Frances themselves. Space is limited, so if you would l

Preserves, Pickles & Produce for Polly

This month's Charity Coffee Morning in aid of the Homeless in Banbury was a huge success. Polly came to meet her supporters. Thank you to everyone who turned up, or gave cakes and produce for sale. We made the grand total of £543 to give to Polly. Polly was immensely grateful and amazed that so many people want to support her work. As you may know, Polly devotes a good part of every day to helping a small group of homeless and vulnerable men and women in Banbury. Every day she shops and / or cooks for group of homeless people who meet her outside St Mary's Church in Banbury every evening. Polly makes sure every one of them gets some hot food which she transports in foil trays (all packed int

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