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Allcock & Brown bring the best of Victoriana and the 1940s to your door! 

Book them for Cockney knees-ups, Music Hall extravaganzas, Victorian and Dickensian themes and family fun days.

Manor Farm Music Frivolities

& Ardley Parlour Concerts


A great place for Parlour Concerts (including Allcock & Brown!) and all sorts of other interesting musical events - those in which you can participate or just spectate.  e.g. Come & Sing, learn an instrument, music workshops, camping and rehearsal space...

Based in Oxfordshire near junction 10 of the M40, this venue is easily accessible from London and Birmingham.


Nuts, Rags & Old Iron Bedsteads       2014      £10 + p&p

Almost Gentlemen  (Souvenir CD - 6 tracks)  2011       £5 + p&p

available to buy at gigs or from Mike's website

Chris Sadler

We have heard rumours that

Professor Allcock has an alter ego,

Chris Sadler - but who is he?

what does he do????!


Watch this space to find out!

Mike Ruff

Mike Ruff does all sort of things apart from Allcock and Brown - from mediaeval minstrelsy to talks for schools about the history of maypole dancing.  

He is also involved with Tradamis, a Registered Charity which aims to provide traditional dance and music to schools and the wider arts world nationwide.

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Definition of a Gentleman:

Someone who can play a squeezebox, but doesn't...

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For bookings or further information about Allcock & Brown

contact Mike Ruff on 01727 831917 or 07780 960903

or email us at

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