MUSIC HALL: a type of British theatrical entertainment popular between 1850 and 1960, involving a mixture of popular songs, comedy, speciality acts and variety entertainment, similar to American vaudeville.


The term “music hall” was derived from the type of theatre or venue in which such entertainment took place.  It originated in saloon bars within public houses during the 1830s, but as it became increasingly popular with audiences, during the 1850s, the pubs were demolished and music hall theatres developed in their place, designed chiefly so people could eat and drink while the entertainment took place.

Available for all Music Hall and Vaudeville occasions, and for 1940s events:

  • concerts

  • street corner bawdiness

  • advertising plagiarisms

  • bathing beauty festivals

  • old time music halls

  • personal celebrations


You name it, we can accommodate it!

It all started at the Royal Courts of Justice in March 2010 - and what better place for such dodgy characters!


A call came for Victorian music at a Macmillan Charity event for 3,000 people.


Did we have a name & some pictures?  Within the week we did, and we've never looked back.


Almost reformed characters...

Allcock & Brown are:
  • Mike Ruff
(accordion and brown bowler hat)
  • Chris Sadler
(Anglo concertina and black top hat)
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Definition of a Gentleman:

Someone who can play a squeezebox, but doesn't...

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